Doc (echsdoc) wrote in saintolaf,

40 years out

We got another reminder from StO that we have our 40th year reunion this spring, also a reminder how nice it would be to put StO into our wills.

I have a memory. During my years at StO I worked in Rolvaag, and my job was locking up the library every night. I would be the only staff there during the last hour or so, and the job was a good one for work study. I also worked at the desk every Sunday afternoon. One Sunday a "tour" of oldsters came through the library. It had to be the 40th or 45th year reunion class. We all got a kick out of their aged decrepitude, how sweet and simple they seemed to be, how tickled pink to be at the old stomping grounds. These grads of 1924 were having a good time, insofar as codgers can do so.

Turn around twice. Almost every one of those people is dead today, and we are the forty year out ancients. And the school is interested in the contents of our wills (though I for one am still working full time). Beware you whippersnappers, something is going to happen to you a lot faster than you think.

(I have a Norwegian exchange student this year. He saw my gold banner with the Olaf lion on it and Um Yah Yah beneath. He was befuddled by the "words." And bemused by my quaint old alma mater.)
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