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StO Band

The wife and I went down to Benaroya Hall last night to see the St. Olaf Band in concert. This was the last of their winter tour. It is a wonderful hall, and they seemed totally hyped to be playing in a world class venue like Benaroya. And the music was totally up to the setting. Every piece was well done and done to an appreciative audience. It took courage to schedule a concert up against the Super Bowl, but there was a decent crowd, maybe sixty percent of the ground floor. Enough to give a feeling of audience.

I had the same experience that I have always had with the band, one of listening to superb musicians playing music that does not really appeal to me. I know the music is excellent, but the sense of being "taught" what I "ought to" appreciate has always been part of the band experience for me. My favorite piece was a beautiful Elgar item in which the band turned itself mostly into a choir and sang the choral parts. They sounded like the perfect pure St. Olaf choir in style, articulation and mode. It was a wonderful surprise.

We went to the reception beforehand, put on to greet Anderson the new President. He was articulate and funny. And he reminded all the alumni to give large wads of cash money to the old alma mater. I enjoyed the rare chance to chat with people who shared the same professors I had in college. Guess what, one man was raised in Northfield (class of 1957). When he was a child F. Melius Christianson was a customer on his paper route! He also said that Dr. Marie Malmin Meyer was giving teaching talks up to her hundredth year and kept her mind to the end last year

Don't that make history collapse?
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