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Mixed emotions

The Saint Olaf band is coming to Seattle next weekend. My wife wants to go to the concert at Benaroya Hall and has been pushing and pushing for me to go, too. The new president will be there and oodles of alumni from the last hundred years or so. The problem is that it highlights the conflict we feel towards StO right now. We are both grads, and we have siblings and friends who are grads. None of us are happy over the amazing WCAL fiasco. In our opinion the past president and his crew, aided by the Board, committed a nearly suicidal act in what appears to be a foolish, stupid, manipulative and deceptive selling of WCAL, which lost us one of the jewels of StO's crown. We have wanted to try to let the anger go with his departure, as we all love StO, but how do you do that? Right now the college is in court trying to sue for the right to break the huge WCAL trust funds that were specifically donated to the college for the upkeep and support of the radio station. I can't imagine how the donors would feel, how the families of the deceased donors do feel to see our college breaking not only a legal trust but a moral trust. I find this so dismaying that it is hard to want to go see the band, hard to imagine meeting and greeting the new president. Well, hard to be proud to be an Ole, at this moment in time. If only the college had the courage to admit their willful failure of trust regarding WCAL, and I mean trust all across the board. But you know what? They will never have enough courage to do that.

But, what the heck, I expect we will shell out some money and go see the band, maybe shake the hand of the new pres., maybe forgive them for duration of the evening. StO blood runs deep, you know.
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