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Yearning to be an Ole...

I was going to apply to St. Olaf by January 1st, however, my college councilor wasn't able to look over my essays before vacation. So far only one other person (my study hall teacher) has read my essays for St. Olaf. Do any of you have time to quickly look over my three brief essays before they get sent off? I'm just looking for one more "adult" opinion on the essays; i've heard it's best not to involve your parents in the whole college essay process.

Let me know if you have the time! Thanks so much!

Um ya ya!
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I am a Sophomore at Olaf right now. I don't know how "adult" an opinion you were looking for but I would certainly be willing to read your essays. :)
Sure, thanks, just give me your e-mail and i'll send them to you!
I can read them over if you'd like. Is 26 adult :-(?
To me, 26 is definitely adult! Just give me your e-mail address and i'll send them to you. Thanks!
Nice, Mikey. You're about the most "adult" of all of us.

Anyhow, I wasn't a full-time Ole. I was accepted, but went to Gustavus and took summers at Olaf. I can give them a once over as well, if you like. I do have that whole "English degree" thing going on... lemme know.... though if you have Mike looking 'em over, you're fine.